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I am Staff Research Scientist and co-creator of the Google Brain Amsterdam research lab. Previously I was Staff Research Scientist in Deep Learning at Google DeepMind. I obtained my PhD in Computer Science from Oxford University. I obtained my MSc in Logic from the University of Amsterdam (ILLC). And I received a BS in Symbolic Systems and a BA in Philosophy from Stanford University. 
I enjoy thinking about the properties of neural network architectures and representations. I have worked on Neural Machine Translation, on Convolutional Sentence and Sequence Models, on RNN architectures and on Generative Models of Images, Audio and Videos. I was also part of the team that built AlphaGo.
My PhD Thesis
Encoder-Decoder Neural Networks
Nal Kalchbrenner
PhD Thesis, University of Oxford, 2017
PDF, Bibtex
Deep Learning Papers
Neural Machine Translation in Linear Time
Nal Kalchbrenner, Lasse Espeholt, Karen Simonyan, Aäron van den Oord, Alex Graves, Koray Kavukcuoglu
Arxiv, 2016
PDF, Bibtex
Video Pixel Networks
Nal Kalchbrenner, Aäron van den Oord, Karen Simonyan, Ivo Danihelka, Oriol Vinyals, Alex Graves, Koray Kavukcuoglu
Arxiv, 2016
PDF, Bibtex, Samples
WaveNet: A Generative Model of Raw Audio
Aäron van den Oord, Sander Dieleman, Heiga Zen, Karen Simonyan, Oriol Vinyals, Alex Graves,
Nal Kalchbrenner, Andrew Senior, Koray Kavukcuoglu
Arxiv, 2016
PDF, Bibtex
Conditional Image Generation with PixelCNN Decoders
Aäron van den Oord, Nal Kalchbrenner, Oriol Vinyals, Lasse Espeholt, Alex Graves, Koray Kavukcuoglu
NIPS 2016, Barcelona, December 2016
PDF, Bibtex
Associative Long Short-Term Memory
Ivo Danihelka, Greg Wayne, Benigno Uria, Nal Kalchbrenner, Alex Graves
ICLR 2016, Puerto Rico, April 2016
PDF, Bibtex
Pixel Recurrent Neural Networks 
Aäron van den Oord, Nal KalchbrennerKoray Kavukcuoglu
ICML 2016, New York, June 2016, Best Paper Award
PDF, Bibtex
Mastering the Game of Go with Deep Neural Networks and Tree Search
David Silver, Aja Huang, Chris J. Maddison, Artur Guez, Laurent Sifre, George van den Driessche, Julian Schrittwieser, Ioannis Antonoglou, Veda Panneershelvam, Marc Lanctot, Sander Dieleman, Dominik Grewe, John Nham, Nal Kalchbrenner, Ilya Sutskever, Timothy Lillicrap, Madeleine Leach, Koray Kavukcuoglu, Thore Graepel, Demis Hassabis
Nature 529, 484–489 (28 January 2016)
Grid Long Short-Term Memory
Nal Kalchbrenner, Ivo Danihelka, Alex Graves
ICLR 2016, Puerto Rico, April 2016
PDF, Bibtex
A Convolutional Neural Network for Modelling Sentences
Nal Kalchbrenner, Ed Grefenstette, Phil Blunsom
ACL 2014, Baltimore, June 2014
PDF, Bibtex
Recurrent Continuous Translation Models
Nal Kalchbrenner, Phil Blunsom
EMNLP 2013, Seattle, October 2013
PDF, Bibtex
Modelling, Visualising and Summarizing Documents with a Single Convolutional Neural Network
Misha Denil, Alban Demiraj, Nal Kalchbrenner, Phil Blunsom, Nando de Freitas
Arxiv, July 2014
PDF, Bibtex
Resolving Lexical Ambiguity in Tensor Regression Models of Meaning
Dimitris Kartsaklis, Nal Kalchbrenner, Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh
ACL 2014, Baltimore, June 2014
PDF, Bibtex
Recurrent Convolutional Neural Networs for Discourse Compositionality
Nal Kalchbrenner, Phil Blunsom
ACL 2013, CVSC Workshop, Sofia, August 2013
PDF, Bibtex
Selected Talks
Generative Modelling as Sequence Learning
RNN Symposium, NIPS, Barcelona, December 2016